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At Lifestyle Credit, we specialize in making significant impact to not only your credit, but also the lifestyle that can come with it, in a short amount of time. We believe you should live your life freely and not be held down because of bad credit.  Our results driven method can help change your life today! 

How Lifestyle Credit Repair works

If damaging negative items are hurting your credit, removing them can improve your score and your lifestye. Here's how we do it.

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Obtain your credit report. This will allow us to access the information we need to identify what's hurting your credit lifestyle

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Transform Your Lifestyle with Better Credit 

We offer bigger results in a shorter time and help our clients achieve their highest possible score. During the process we educate you to help you become more financially  literate, so you can continue to take control of your finances long after we work together. 

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“Myron got my credit score up 122 points !”

-Chatia Dorsey

Lifestyle Credit Repair Service Packages  

Lifestyle Credit offers a variety of service levels to support every budget and need. Our credit repair service packages range from $200-$1000 and each option offers you a unique coverage to fix errors on your credit report for a ONE-TIME Payment and faster results than most of our competitors so you can start living the life you deserve. 


Disputes sent to all three bureaus 


Removes Negative Inquiries 


Removes all obsolete Personal information 

Credit Score Monitoring 


Report Watch


Disputes sent to all three bureaus 


Removes Negative Inquiries 

Credit Score Monitoring 


Report Watch

Lifestyle Elite 


Disputes sent to all three bureaus 

Credit Score Monitoring 


Report Watch

Premier Package
Basic Package
Myron Gilmore-Lifestyle Credit Founder



Growing up, I always admired people who worked hard and had high ambitions for their life. I worked plenty of jobs being overlooked and under appreciated feeling unsettled in the direction of my life. 


I had a close friend introduced me to credit repair. From there, I started my own credit repair company. Lifestyle Credit has been growing and thriving ever since. 


At Lifestyle Credit we specialize in seeing results for our clients credit reports in just 30 days! During the process we also want to educate our clients on financial literacy and the importance of having great credit. If you want to live a financially free lifestyle, you start by building the your foundation with great credit. 

Myron Gilmore

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